The origins of NEPTUN can be tracked back in 1911, when a private workshop for manual casting and the manufacture of products for the oil industry and agriculture was established. Since 2000, NEPTUN has become a completely private joint stock company with Romanian capital.

With a variety of complete models of machines and technological equipment and while maintaining the highest level of quality, NEPTUNE is the most important manufacturer of mechanical transmissions in Romania which is also able to meet the different requirements of both domestic and foreign customers.

The company's vision is to be recognized as one of the 2 best gearbox manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. The company's mission is a constant and steady growth, export, to add flexibility to experience and traditions, to integrate as many industrial goods and services as possible to create value for partners and shareholders.

Company values. TRADITION - the company uses more than 100 years of history and experience to understand and meet customer needs. PASSION - the company is fond of techniques and technologies and is constantly looking for innovative solutions. PARTNERSHIP - the company builds long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers and works together to reduce costs and optimize solutions. RESPONSIBILITY - the company cares about the personality and individuality of employees, takes all appropriate measures to ensure the safety and health of staff, mitigates the impact of activities on the environment.


S.C. NEPTUN S.A. is a Romanian company, the largest manufacturer of mechanical transmissions in Romania. Owing to the provision of modern technical and technological means, the company is able to produce products of high technological and quality level.

Among the products manufactured by the company are: screw reducers; bevel and bevel-screw reducers; worm reducers; screw and screw worm gear motors equipped with explosion-proof or standard motors; gear and gear motors with bevel and worm gears; manual and electric actuators for valves; drive heads for oil extraction by means of progressive hollow pumps; other mechanical transmissions for industry and agriculture.