Strategic goals of the exchange are: to ensure the functioning of competitive energy markets of Ukraine; to form an effective educational environment, a community of highly professional stock market players (traders), able to ensure the reform of energy markets; to organize and conduct e-commerce in the electricity market related to the conclusion of bilateral agreements, organization of execution of agreements within the functioning of the market for the day ahead, organization and conduct of interstate exchange trade in electricity and other trade objects allowed in the wholesale market; organize and conduct e-commerce in energy, related to the conclusion of contracts on the spot market, the organization of transactions and the creation of liquidity to launch a futures energy market.

The mission of the exchange is to create a reliable, transparent and efficient mechanism for market trade in energy segment (coal, oil, natural gas, electricity, etc.) of Ukraine, taking into account the specifics and characteristics of the country, as well as improving energy security.

Tasks of the exchange are: creation of an automated exchange platform for organized trade in energy, which is an effective tool of exchange trade for market participants; formation of a fair market price, which is an indicator for both domestic companies and foreign investors; providing market participants with mechanisms that allow them to solve the problems of both ordinary companies and professional stock market players; development of a set of educational programs that meet the requirements of modern energy.


The Commodity Exchange "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" (CE "UEEX") was established with the purpose of trading operation on the energy resources and electricity markets in Ukraine.

UEEX provides organizational, technological, legal and other conditions for the functioning and development of exchange trading at electricity and energy resources markets.

Ukrainian Energy Exchange is open trading platform where producers and suppliers of goods meet with each other and market fair prices are developed for each of the market participants.

Provision of trading on energy resources and electricity markets includes organizing and conducting electronic spot trading that eventually will create the necessary liquidity to launch derivative energy market.

Ukrainian Energy Exchange is a member of the European Business Association (EBA), the Association of exchanges and electronic platforms and of the Europex — Association of European Energy Exchanges jointly with whom we are implementing several projects to create exchange markets.

Within the scope of the new model of the coal and electricity market of Ukraine we are actively working with major domestic coal mining and energy companies, government agencies as well as leading exchanges allover the world.

Basic principles of exchange activity are based on the implementation of exchange trading effective mechanisms in the energy resources markets as well as implementation of the world leading experience of exchange trading in Ukraine.