The mission of Ukrenergo is to create conditions for sustainable development of Ukrainian economy by ensuring the functioning of a competitive, transparent and liberal electricity market common with European countries and equal opportunities for unhindered and uninterrupted access of all market participants, including renewable energy sources to the transmission system.

Ukrenergo is a certified transmission system operator synchronized with the continental European zone ENTSO-E, which is a leader among Eastern European TSOs in terms of efficiency, reliability, energy security and technological development. Ukrenergo will be a platform for the introduction of the latest technologies in energy (smart grid, demand response, V2G, etc.).

Ukrenergo's strategic goals for 10 years: to ensure the reliability and development of the transmission system in the long run; create conditions for the unification of the electricity market with the -European electricity market and the integration of the IPS of Ukraine into ENTSO-E; to ensure stable and balanced operation of the IPS of Ukraine; minimize the cost of the company's services in the long run; reduce electricity transmission prices for consumers by investing in infrastructure development, improving management efficiency, optimizing the use of funds.



National Power Company “Ukrenergo” is an energy company with the functions of operational and technological management of the Integrated Power System of Ukraine (IPS) and transmission of electricity by main power grids from generation to regional power grids of energy supply companies (regional energy companies).

The company consists of 8 power systems, covering the entire territory of Ukraine, and the team has more than 8 thousand employees.

The company serves unique high-tech equipment of 137 substations of ultra-high voltage 220-750 kW with a total installed capacity of over 78.8 thousand MWA and more than 21.3 thousand km of main and interstate power lines of ultra-high voltage 220-750 kW. More than 110 billion kWh of electricity are transmitted annually through the main power grids of Ukrenergo.

The company also provides parallel operation of the IPS of Ukraine with the power systems of neighboring countries, electricity exports to 4 European countries, interstate electricity flows between the IPS of Ukraine and the power systems of 3 CIS countries.

NPC “Ukrenergo” invests almost UAH 4 billion per year in new construction, modernization and efficiency of power grids. The loan portfolio for the implementation of investment projects at the expense of international financial institutions is over UAH 40 billion.

The quality, ecology, hygiene and occupational safety management systems implemented in the company meet the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007.