Know Your Customer

In the framework of service quality management and risk management systems established in “NEC” LLC, compulsory procedure KYC (Know Your Customer/Partners) is conducted.

The process of customer (partner) research KYC is a primary security mechanism which secures financial stability of “NEC” LLC business processes. Implemented KYC procedures clearly structure allowed financial operations and unable implementation of fines for all participants. 

Potential client/partner provides “NEC” LLC with completed KYC application. The following documents must be attached to the application:

  1. Up to date extract from USREOU/commercial registry
  2. Copies of foundation documents
  3. Extract from the Registry of VAT Payers
  4. Financial report for previous 3 years
  5. Bank statement regarding available accounts
  6. Copies of licenses/allowing documents
  7. Documents proving eligibility of director
  8. Up to date register of company owners and group structure

In case all mentioned documents are completed not in Ukrainian language, an appropriate translation should be provided. Translator’s signature should be attested by notary.