ČEZ Group

ČEZ Group follows the sustainable development strategy “Energy for future”, which reflects the principles applied by ČEZ in its long-term activities, which is a special requirement for responsible business practices. ČEZ is trying to use the best and latest technologies in the need to be a good neighbor and participate in the prosperity of the local region.

Public activity is an integral tool for protecting the values of all successful companies, including the ČEZ group.

ČEZ public activity is focused on the foreign markets and includes the publication of expert opinions on topical issues and protection of the company's interests in relevant areas of the business environment: at the European, national and regional levels.

The interconnection of electricity generation, distribution and trade within the ČEZ Group has brought the Czech energy sector closer to the EU standards, applicable in Western Europe. Beginning in 2005, it had introduced a strict separation of distribution as a regulated activity from trade, through a process known as unbundling. The new structure of the Czech electricity industry is beneficial to the consumer and creates a competitive environment.

ČEZ Group

ČEZ Group is an integrated energy group operating in Central and South-Eastern Europe and Turkey, headquarters located in the Czech Republic. The main directions of the business are production, distribution, trade and sale of electricity and heat, natural gas trade and coal mining. The ČEZ Group employs 31,400 staff. The ČEZ Group is also involved in telecommunications, computer science, nuclear research, planning, construction and maintenance of energy facilities, mining and processing of allied energy products. The parent company of the ČEZ Group is ČEZ, a. s., which is the largest producer of electricity in the Czech Republic, founded in 1992 by the State Property Fund. The ČEZ Group was established in 2003, when ČEZ, a. s. merged with several regional distribution companies. Today, the ČEZ Group is one of the ten largest energy companies in Europe in terms of both installed capacity and number of consumers. It has the leading position in the electricity market in Central Europe and is one of the three largest heat suppliers in the Czech Republic. Stock of the parent company ČEZ, a. s. are traded on the Prague and Warsaw stock exchanges, where they form a significant part of the respective indices. The Czech Republic is the company's largest shareholder with almost 70% of the shares in the declared capital.