Electricity Export

Ukraine conducts commercial export of electricity in the market area of Burshtyn Energy Island.

Export peculiarities

Integrated Power System of Ukraine is divided into 2 parts. The main part of the IPS of Ukraine is interconnected with the energy systems of CIS and Baltics, another part is the Burshtyn Energy Island which is the part of the Interconnected Network of Continental Europe ENTSO-E. Geographical location and powerful cross-border transmission lines of the IPS of Ukraine enable significant electrical energy exchange between energy systems of Europe (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania) and CIS (Russia, Belarus, Moldova).

“NEC” LLC is opened to the offers of the international export and import cooperation within Integrated Power System (IPS) and Burshtyn Energy Island (Island of the Burshtyn TPP).

The new full-scale electricity market in Ukraine is operating since 1st July, 2019. The operational start of the new market model created an opportunity to open commercial export of electricity to the European countries.

Potential and peculiarities of electricity export from Ukraine

Export of the electricity.