Electricity trading

ТОВ “New-Energy-Company” LLC is the biggest and the most successful player on the wholesale electricity market of Ukraine.

We guarantee attractive pricing, high-quality service and the best partnership conditions for electricity consumers.

“New-Energy-Company” LLC ("NEC" LLC) is a trader that conducts purchase of electricity for further reselling excluding commercial operations according to the contract of direct supply. “NEC” LLC operates according to the trading license for electricity reselling issued by national energy Regulator: National Energy and Utility Regulatory Commission (NERC).

"NEC" LLC offers:

  • attractive pricing - fixed, integrated with marketable indicators in formula, may be complex depending on the volumes and schedule of supply
  • flexible payment conditions - 100% prepayment on “D-2” for supply on “D”, 10-day settlement or other conditions depending on the credit history cooperation with partner/customer
  • 100% schedule amendment on “D-2” for supply on “D”
  • unlimited term of cooperation  - day, month, quarter, year or combination of periods

Detailed terms and conditions are stated in the basic version of  purchase/sale agreement of electricity.

For potential  partners who only started their activity of the market, “NEC” LLC offers qualified support via consultations, studies, practical studies with using all market tools: Market Management System (MMS), XMTrade, DAMAS, UEEX, etc.

In case of successful experience of mutual business partnership, further expand of cooperation in framework of complex trading service may be realized through entering the balancing group of “NEC” LLC.

Participation in the balancing group of “NEC”LLC gives the following advantages:

  • regulation of imbalances at more attractive pricing in comparison with self-responsibility 
  • full and timely payment for regulation of positive imbalances (compensated withing the balancing group) in contrast with direct payments from NEC “Ukrenergo” that accumulates more and more depts 
  • qualified and timely preparation of documents for regulation of imbalances 
  • ability to quickly resolve all issues connected purchase/sale of electricity between participants of the balancing group.