Natural Gas Import

Import of the natural gas provides a contribution into the diversification of natural gas supply in Ukraine and is one of the priorities of our activity. “NEC” LLC demonstrates possibility to provide stable supply of the imported gas volumes from alternative suppliers.

“NEC” LLC has a long-term experience of work on the market of natural gas import in Ukraine. Partnership with oil and gas companies from neighboring countries enables us to import natural gas in the framework of direct bilateral contacts. Due to dynamic development of the company, we can enlarge the scope of our activity and engage more partners to the partnership.

Since 2015 Ukrainian natural gas market has been becoming more competitive and diverse. The diversification of the supply sources into Ukraine is possible owing to the possibility to contract natural gas on the liquid European market and high competition among European suppliers. This diversification enabled Ukraine to decrease overwhelming dependence from the one supplier which made the natural gas a tool of political and economical pressure on Ukraine.

Potential and peculiarities of natural gas import in Ukraine

Import of the natural gas

We offer natural gas supply at a competitive rate

On the natural gas market “NEC” LLC offers the product imported from European Union and Russian Federation, as well as the gas output in Ukraine. Combination of financial stability, long-term partnership with reliable partners and significant sale volumes provides our customers an attractive price.

TTF  1000 4 900.00 1 490.00
NCG  1000 5 300.00 1 530.00
CEGH  1000 5 200.00 1 520.00
UEEX  1000 5 150.00 1 515.00

Lets conclude contract with our price: