Natural Gas Supply

Legislation of Ukraine gives the consumers a right to choose supplier of the natural gas. In these conditions natural gas suppliers have wide opportunities to find the source of the natural gas. Among them are domestic gas producing enterprises, gas imported from EU-countries and products bought from other suppliers. “NEC” LLC aims to offer the most competitive prices for our customers by using all possibilities of the natural gas market.

Today we can offer natural gas delivery to all categories of customers.

In the meantime, it is not economically reasonable to supply natural gas to the population and those consumers who pay reduced fees and tariffs. This is a forced and temporary restriction connected with the current state of the natural gas market.

As a natural gas supplier “NEC” LLC offers its customers:

  • better prices than any other supplier;
  • payment for consumed gas following the favourable schedule. The price differentiation is available depending on the volume of consumed product and payment schedule;
  • creation of the secure gas reserve.
Gas Supply

Natural gas supply is an economic activity which requires licensing and implies gas sale directly to the consumers according to the signed agreements.

Supplier is an economic entity that conducts natural gas delivery based on the license.

Economic profit estimation of the gas supplier change

To estimate economic profit of the natural gas purchase from “NEC” LLC, you can send completed questionnaire.

The process of the supplier change

The consumer who is intended to change his supplier, must fulfill all financial obligations with his current supplier and sign a deed of release from the date of the new agreement of supply with “NEC” LLC. 

Grievance procedure

In case you have any issues or complaint during the process of energy supply, you may contact us in one of the following ways:

Personal account of the natural gas consumer

To enter your personal client account please enter your login and password.

Commercial Proposals

“NEC” LLC offers the following commercial proposals of natural gas supply depending on the payment terms and monthly volume of the product.

Commercial proposal of natural gas supply Monthly volume, thousand m3 Price, UAH, exc VAT Price, UAH, incl VAT
CPG №1. 100% prepayment from 100 contact us contact us
CPG №2. 100% prepayment from 100 contact us contact us
CPG №3. 10-day payment  from100 contact us contact us
CPG №4. Pay After Delivery  from100 contact us contact us
CPG №5. Individual  from 100 contact us contact us

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